Sunday, April 10, 2011

His Blessing Never Stop.

2 years I have stop blogging..This Year really a Year of God testing my faith.
spiritual and mentally.I learning not just to step up from my box but to

L .O .V E.





Friday, December 25, 2009

Glimpse of Christmas 2009

This is what God give me the very 1st time have carolling in Kl
Nothing can compare his blessing for all this year to me really
a year of Godly identity thank to Samentha,Cedric,Kit,Erna,Daniel,Linus
Kelvin as i post this photo my heart is feel with joy and laugther.
Thank for their support and strong friendship for all this year...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hurtful and Fruitful year 2009

Is been a very long time i don't blog.
Well,to me 2009 is a fruitful year yet a hurtful
year..Can said that I got some scar both in my hand
and foot when i look upon God I started to ask why?
His seem really patient with me those scar remain me
to be strong and faithful in him..obedience until
his death on the cross..I will continue to trust him

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hard to let my Mom and dad

Tears,and joy flowing down I was in departure hall.My mom,dad,mom keep looking at me and brother.Is hard to let go but what to do that life!! that I have to accept and adapted back to this quiet apartments and follow the same routine….so Feb is a moment for me to think about my family how to help:( them :financially,spiritually,Athough,I know Valentine day is coming …I just want to focus for them nothing than that and think how God bless me and love me so much.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Overviewing the Year 2008

Today is 29 Dec 2008 2 more days will enter in new year 2009…Thank God for all this
Photo from Jan 2008 – Dec 2008.Is truly a blessing to me.Serving as usher in Alpha 2008.Than as ushering also at Teck hee/Ice Wedding.Learning to decorate snow flakes in FCC.Is so challengeing for me although the process is painful but when is hanging in the sanctuary.Is really satisfying and on 25 Dec C’mas nite when to Linus house for C’mas party never in my life seeing such a funny family singing caroling and drink wine to enjoy the nite.Thank God once again…This Christmas I really enjoy than the previous year..although I don’t get any gift
at all. Why such happy times fly so fast…Have to be in the routine again.Is there anymore fellowshipping next year? Is all in my memory now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TiMes FilEs

Well times really files as i try to type this blog.
Can't believe i am standing at the month of November already?
pondering what i did for the Lord for the whole year...Knowing
that i am getting older,wishing a blessed word for those of my buddy
who getting married.Yet i am still singlehood heeeeeeee:)
missing my parents also what i struggle everyday..hmmmmmm
but thanks God for sharegroups that strengthen my faith in the Lord.
whatever i am stumble They will correct me again and again..

*God is my strength*

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Go Through The Storm With You

As i look at this Picture is remain me about
How great is God than anythings in this dusty
world..The 1 half year My sister Jenny respond
to God calling to serve in KK..My bro come to me
so many happy and sad times happen.Can said I
was totally like rollercoster.Helping him to
settle financially,emotionally,as well as spirtually.
Praise God he is able to adapted the culture here.
As for me thanks God ..he always there.i always felt
i am in the pit of loneliness yet i am long i
have breath i still love the Lord until the end..Been
thinking to serve him again after a 2 month resting.
Please uphold me in prayer..i need it from all of you

*Go through storm with God*

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